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Plagiat-Sistem Antiplagiat prin Internet is a Romanian company, established in 2012 in Bucharest, by the company Plagiat.pl from Poland. We offer a system for preventing plagiarism and connected services, as well as the Archiving System for Academic Papers (ASAP) and procedures for plagiarism prevention and protection of original content.

Our services are used by universities, scientific journals, institutes and publishers. We currently collaborate with over 600 institutions worldwide, being leaders on the market in Romania, Poland and Ukraine.


Our goal is to support the academic environment and researchers in preventing plagiarism and combating copyright infringement, as well as offering support and information regarding academic integrity issues. We are creating a national-wide system with the goal of protecting against plagiarism.

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8 million documents

Over 8 million document were checked with our help.

6 countries

We have offices open in 6 countries.

19 years of experience

Our team has been working in the field for 19 years.

600 Institutions

Our services are used by over 600 institutions world-wide.