is a program that compares texts and detects similarities. It was created in 2002 by the Polish company and in 2012 it was launched in Romania.

Users connect to the service by accessing and the data is processed on our servers. The users of the system load texts in the system and their content is compared with databases that the system has access to.

Comparison Databases:

  • Internet Resources – all open access texts and files available on the internet;
  • Internal Database – created by adding documents to the beneficiary’s database;
  • External Databases – of other institutions that use our system;
  • RefBooks – created by our company, contains over 24 million texts and publications from all scientific and cultural subjects;
  • Legal Database – contains all Romanian and European law.

*RefBooks contains over 24 million texts in different languages, taken from databases such as ( e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance, Statistics, Electrical Engineering and Systems Science, and Economics), Paperity. com (over 6,500 scientific journals published on free access. List of journals: and

After the analysis, the system generates a Similarity Report which contains several elements to help with the evaluation of a text.

The Similarity Report:

  • Two Similarity Coefficients – establish the percentage of text similar to resources of databases;
  • Legal Database Coefficient – shows the percentage of text which was found in the Legal Database;
  • Quotation Coefficient – shows the percentage of text which is between quotation marks;
  • Detailed lists of all the sources in which similar fragments were detected from all databases;
  • Similar fragments highlighted in text according to source;
  • Information in text on length and source of each fragment;
  • Alerts which show possible cheating attempts.

The Similarity Report does not give a verdict regarding the originality of a text, it is an instrument which can be used to make an evaluation regarding the originality and quality of the text.